Michelle went to Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary Class in Oakville.

Michelle went to Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary Class in Oakville.

Her traffickers would watch for her beyond your college doorways

One evening, we hit a club with a woman, who I’ll call Lucy, from a new school that is high. It felt like summer time once more, with every person consuming and going out the real means buddies might. A short while later, they took us to a motel space where a lady called Astrid ended up being awaiting us. She was at her very very very early 20s, with hefty footwear just like a kid has on and a taut, grim phrase on her behalf face. She complimented our clothes, provided us cigarettes and told us we had been likely to see some dudes. Be attractive, she told us. Be friendly. She’d be waiting nearby. She had been a gatekeeper. We never ever saw her have intercourse with consumers; her job would be to gather the money and maintain the girls in line. She scared the hell away from me personally.

We don’t understand where our consumers arrived from. We never ever posted ads online, or communicated with Shawn along with his dudes concerning the telephone telephone calls. Guys would simply appear seeking things, just like a CBJ—a covered blow task, this is certainly, by having a condom. There have been two beds, and I also sat on a single, attempting not to ever look while Lucy had intercourse on the other side. Once the guys left, Astrid arrived in and took the cash.

Whenever Shawn plus the other dudes came ultimately back that someone said Lucy had made more money, so she got to ride up front night.

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